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I build agency brands designed for growth.

I work with ambitious agency owners looking to aggressively grow their business. Whether you want to build and sell, grow and operate, or replace yourself entirely; I turn agency dreams into realities.

Proven systems.
A personal mentor.

I combine proven operational management systems with 15 years of selling into the world’s most competitive service markets. I work alongside you as your business partner, actively building your business with you day in and day out.

We've seen a 400% increase in MRR in the 9 months we've worked with Nick (from 30k/mo to 120k/mo). He's literally out there helping us find clients and build a bench to serve them.

Marc Freund
Managing Director, Five Tool Agency

Blake took RicketyRoo from $15k per month to over $50k per month. He grew his revenue, his team, his profits – and actually spends less time working “in” the business than ever before.

James has more than doubled the size of digitaloft (revenue, team, & profits) in 6 short months while also replacing himself on all the day to day operations.

Mare has doubled AN Digital, making strategic hires along the way to take more of the stuff he doesn’t want to be doing off his plate, so he can focus on the work he enjoys.


I’ve helped dozens of agencies exceed their growth targets

I’ve been building agencies since 2007. In that time I’ve developed the experience, network, and resources to systematically grow multi-million dollar agencies. From workflows and operations, to people and finance (and everything in between) I’ve got you covered.

  • 65%

    Increase in revenue


    Less time spent "in" the business


    Increase in profitability

    James was dealing with double digit growth and trying to figure out how to better organize his team at Digitaloft, leveraging many of his key players and figuring out a design that would lend itself well to continued growth.

    We found ways to structure his resources into more efficient teams, identifying and eliminating redundancies along the way, and creating a path for James to actually get out of the day to day.

    Setting up systems to handle all the pieces James was manually coordinating combined with empowering his “A Players” to into more of the operational work resulted in James being able to focus his time on sales.

    Removing redundancies, charging for project management time (accurately), and breaking out many of the services that were being “bundled” out into separate line items ended up driving big gains in overall profits.

  • 45%

    Increase in revenue


    Less hours per week


    Increase in profit

    Blake had hit some hard times with client churn and finding team members that were a true fit for the special culture he had developed for RicketyRoo. He also wasn’t billing for many of the extremely valuable services he was providing.

    By helping identify which tasks needed to be handed off to his operations person, and redefining the roles within his team, we were able to almost completely remove Blake from all the fulfillment and account management work.

    Today RicketyRoo is running like a well-oiled profit machine; requiring less and less of Blakes time as it continues to grow (not just top-line, but more importantly, the cash hitting the bottom line).

  • 40%

    Increase in revenue


    less time spent in the business


    New brands launched

    Cody was consulting under an agency brand but hadn’t taken the time to build out all the processes he needed to step out of actually “doing the work.” By focusing on getting the right process in place, and then finding the right people to fulfill them – we were able to grow his top-line while pulling him out of the day to day grind.

    With AssistedReach requiring less time “in the business” from Cody, he was able to focus on developing new products, strategic partners, and carving out the unique value that he was able to offer.

    The results were not only rebranding AssistedReach to better fit their unique value (bringing business intelligence methodologies to organic search) but also the development of an entire new product, The Link Intelligence Report.

  • 3

    New brands launched


    More time/week


    New partnerships

    Reggie was already a successful, established entrepreneur. He was simply looking for an extra set of eyes on a few things – and some one to bounce some ideas off of. What we ended up working on was a much bigger idea than what Reggie initially thought possible.

    talking through the potential growth and monetization paths across his portfolio of assets led to not only a full re-brand of one of his core businesses, but also the opportunity to spin out 2 additional full, revenue-producing assets from what he already had.

    Perhaps best of all, Reggie identified and forged new partnerships, alleviating his schedule from much of the “arms and legs,” work – so he could put his energy into where he’s the most effective; running strategy and talent acquisition.

  • 30%

    Increase in revenue


    Increase in team size


    Less time spent in the business

    Mare had an established small agency service customers across the DACH market. He had desires to “niche down” and specialize but wasn’t sure whether to specialize his services or his market. We went to work researching his ideal customers and his most valuable services to identify the opportunity was indeed in market focus.

    With a new focus on a specific type of company, in a very specific market, Mare dialed in his messaging, market positioning, and key offerings. In a few short months he was generating more leads, closing more deals, and forging new partnerships.

    One of the key elements we worked on was identifying where Mare was spending his time that he shouldn’t be. This enabled us to create job descriptions for new roles and make key hires that fit his budget and the agencies needs. This new found freedom enabled him to focus on filling his pipeline with new leads and investing in bigger long term initiatives.

  • 3

    New revenue streams


    In new business


    Less time spent in the business

    Ash and his brother Anish had an established digital marketing agency in Australia and were in the process in launching a new brand in the USA. They have a real knack for DR advertising via facebook, and some very impressive client case studies. They didn’t approach me for help with their agency — they wanted to figure out how to leverage what they had to develop new revenue streams.

    In our first 6 months (we have now worked together for over a year and a half – let me know if you’d like an introduction) we identified the opportunity and launched a strategy to stand up a whole new revenue producing digital asset. The brothers executed as they said they would, and made the necessary investments from the agency along the way.

    Ultimately we freed up more of Ash’s time to focus on what would become a portfolio of new revenue producing assets, moving nearly all of his day to day responsibilities in the agency off his plate and tightening up all of their workflow processes along the way.

What's included

My Time

We meet every week to go over your priorities and discuss any challenges you’re running into with implementation. Once we’ve gone through all of the on-boarding exercises and have our sights set on your biggest goal, I’ll help you design your map to get there.

My Team

Need help with implementing my strategies or processes? No problem. My team is now your team, and you’ll get direct access to whatever support you may need.

My Network

I have forged a lot of strategic relationships over the past ~20 years I’ve spent building companies, many of which provide unmeasurable value. If I’m not in a position to help you with something directly – I can introduce you to someone who can. Now my network is your network.

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Entrepreneurs find Nicks “hands-on” advisory-style to be uniquely insightful, conceptually stimulating, and enormously impactful to THEIR bottom-lines – FastCompany

“I’ve been working one-on-one with Nick for the past few months and he’s really made an impact on our business. The processes & templates that he provides will help you dramatically” – Lloyd Silver, Founder of ContentRamp

“Nick has a way of distilling what seems complex into simple processes that allow you to move fast, execute and scale. Since working with him, we’ve been able to take what we were doing and re-configure things to claim more time and build new streams of revenue that we had not considered before.” – Anish Aryal, CTO at DigitalSpotlight

“Nick’s strategies and advice are practical and rooted in the real world. For someone willing to commit themselves to the work it takes, Nick is the real deal.” – Logan Bryant, Head of SEO at Tipalti

“The last year I’ve been working with Nick has been an amazing experience for me personally, having never got really a support network around me and being new to the industry, it’s just a common thing to have a performance coach.” – Elliott Davidson, Founder of Contrast Digital