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Hi, I’m Nick.I partner with ambitious entrepreneurs
to create explosive growth.

I've been starting, growing, and selling businesses for almost 2 decades. From software and professional services, to traffic cones and undershirts, I've seen it all. I bring big ideas to the table with the technical understanding and deal-making skills to make them happen.


Let me show
you the way.

If you're looking to increase your revenue from online channels, then there's a number of ways I can help you. I've spent my career working on innovative ways to scale up customer acquisition in some of the internet's most competitive industries. This puts me in a unique position to help other businesses do the same.

Want more customers? Here’s what I do.
  • Create systems combining software and automation to drive massive increases in profitability.
  • Leverage digital channels to build a sustainable engine that drives consistent growth.
  • Drive ROI from your digital marketing spend and lower net acquisition costs.
  • Grow million-dollar revenue streams in less than 30 hours per week.
  • Design omni-channel inbound marketing strategies to drive more clicks to your bottom line.
  • Advise on transactions that enable you to buy strategic digital assets that explode your growth.
Don’t take my word for it

Nick has a wealth of SEO knowledge, and his passion and excitement for what's coming in the world of search is contagious.

Dan Martell
Founder, Clarity.fm

Nick is one of a small group of people that I truly believe has an extensive knowledge of SEO and marketing as a whole. Whenever Nick releases a new article, I stop everything I'm doing and read it, and he never fails to deliver.

Matt Barby
Director of Acquisition, HubSpot

There's a handful of people out there that you shouldn't ignore. Nick is one of them. His knowledge on SEO and online digital businesses is world class and he backs it up daily.

Ken Savage
Digital Marketing Lead, Unitrends

What I appreciate about Nick is while he is an entrepreneur running multiple companies, unlike many of his contemporaries, he's also in the trenches running SEO campaigns. He speaks from real daily experiences.

Adam Steele
Founder, The Magistrate

Get your seatbelt strapped and hold on for an SEO rollercoaster ride. Nick has a technical acumen that is 2nd to none.

Jordan Panos
Founder, ecoloads

Nick answered all my questions incredibly well, gave me great tactics and advice. He is insanely knowledgable and I'm very excited to implement his strategies.

Nick Akey
Marketing Director, MakerSquare

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Traffic Think Tank

Traffic Think Tank is a community, mastermind, and academy where the best SEO's on the planet spill the beans on what's working in search marketing. Skip the guesswork and learn directly from the experts behind six-and-seven-figure growth for billion-dollar brands, affiliate sites and businesses of all sizes.

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