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This guide was originally offered for purchase in 2015, but now as some of the examples have gotten dated I’m publishing it here, for free. The goal is to provide a framework for how to approach actually implementing a keyword strategy.


After dozens of conversations with my clients, teams, and business partners, I wanted to share some of my perspective. This is changing day by day, but I wanted to get some thoughts out in the public eye to hopefully drive discussion.


Everyone loves a good case study, especially in SEO. Unfortunately, most SEO “case studies” are filled with fluff and B.S., this one is different.

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stephen Ong

How is this free lol? Thanks for this Nick, this process is unreal.

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Hello Nick, Thanks a lot for the very complete guide. Now that Google Correlation has been shut down. Do you have any other tool alternatives for the step where it's being used? Cheers mate

2020-10-24 15:22:07

Has anyone found an alternative to Google Correlate? Very unfortunate it was shut down.

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Sebastian Simon

Hi Nick. Wonderful ressource. Btw it's "wunderbar" with an "r". 😊🇩🇪

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What an incredible work! Not only was it informative but also nicely written. To the point. Would like to read more from this space. Hope you will keep on offering good content like this more often.

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I believe this information is knowledgeable and beneficial. However, your method of presenting this information is confusing and hard-to-follow for a beginner. Most of the time, I am re-reading what you wrote over and over again to try to grasp the message that you're trying to convey. It's hard to follow to be honest. I hope this comment helps.

2019-06-20 14:11:39
Nick Eubanks

Thanks Will, I appreciate the feedback - could you be more specific about which parts you don't understand?

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Paul McAuliffe

Thanks So Much, Great Read & FREE is always Good. !!!!! ha ha Thanks Again Nick.

2019-02-08 14:48:55
Nick Eubanks

Cheers Paul, glad you found it useful!

Nick S

Hoping to put this into practice ASAP. :100:

2019-02-08 14:49:16
Nick Eubanks

Thanks Nick (bonus points for the emoji attempt :) )


Thank you so much for this article, it's really useful...


Thank You so much for this NIck!

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