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After dozens of conversations with my clients, teams, and business partners, I wanted to share some of my perspective. This is changing day by day, but I wanted to get some thoughts out in the public eye to hopefully drive discussion.


Everyone loves a good case study, especially in SEO. Unfortunately, most SEO “case studies” are filled with fluff and B.S., this one is different.


This post was originally published as a paid product in 2015. At that time I sold this information as a PDF (selling over 3,500 copies) for $127 each — but now, as the information has gotten a bit outdated (but the process is still solid, I promise) I’m publishing it here, for free.

If you find any value at all in me making my paid products free – please let me know by either dropping a quick comment or giving this post a share. Thank you.

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How To Implement a Keyword Strategy By Nick Eubanks - Sanchy.com

[…] This process is not to conduct comprehensive keyword research, for that I’d encourage you to read about how to calculate a total addressable market. Instead, this is a simple (modern) process for getting moving, and demonstrates the thought process and approach to identify opportunities that can kick start your keyword strategy. […]

John Johnston

Hi Nick just wanting to know how you created that keyword priority sheet? Columns look manual created. Thanks


Wow! such a detailed piece of work. Very informative! How long does it take for low volume keyword to rank for a new website?

2020-06-18 14:34:18
Nick Eubanks

Thanks Jatin - It really depends on how competitive the term is. There are absolutely some shortcuts though for getting a new domain built up so it can actually rank.

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