What I’m Working on Now

This page is updated regularly to keep track of all the things I’m currently working on.

Current location: Philadelphia, PA.

Upcoming Trips:

  • May 21-23,2021 – Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC
  • June 10-14, 2021 – Miami, FL
  • July 2021 [Dates TBD] – Austin, TX
  • July 2021 [Dates TBD] – Chicago, IL
  • August 2021 [Dates TBD] – San Diego, CA
  • August 2021 [Dates TBD] – Laguna Beach, CA
  • August 2021 [Dates TBD] – Los Angeles, CA
  • August 2021 [Dates TBD] – Malibu, CA
  • September 2021 [Dates TBD] – Los Cabos, Mexico
  • September 2021 [Dates TBD] – Phoenix, AZ
  • September 2021 [Dates TBD] – Scottsdale, AZ
  • September 2021 [Dates TBD] – Las Vegas, NV
  • October 2021 [Dates TBD] – Denver, CO

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Life Updates

Kelley and I just returned from Cabo, Mexico where we got to hang out with baby humpback whales and a lot of incredible entrepreneurs. We plan to start spending a lot more time in the Poconos in the coming months (and over the Summer of 2021, between shoots for Juxta).

Non-Fungible Tokens

Recently I’ve gotten really into NFTs, and am actively expanding my collection. If you or anyone you know is a creator in the NFT space, please have them get in touch with me (Twitter is best).

You can see my collection here

Current Businesses

  1. From The FutureAdvanced Digital Strategy.
  2. Driven Entrepreneurs – I work with aspiring entrepreneurs to increase their personal income. We focus on business growth through brand marketing, process design and development, and sales training.
  3. Launchpad PRDone for you outreach to scale press mentions, coverage, and links.
  4. Traffic Think TankA private community for leveling up your SEO
  5. In Between The Lines Therapy and WellnessDetermined to change the world’s view of mental health.
  6. UnderFit Clothing – The world’s most comfortable men’s undershirt.
  7. TradeSchool.com – Be the one they can count on.
  8. InScope VideoFull service video production for less than you spend on coffee.
  9. Kharacter DevelopmentCustom CMS engineering.
  10. Medical Malpractice – Advocates for medical safety.

Upcoming Events

New event announcements coming soon.

Boards & Affiliations

  1. From The Future – Chairman of the Board
  2. Baby Bathwater – Member
  3. Summit Junto – Member
  4. Netcito – Member, Phillycito
  5. Young Entrepreneur’s Council – Member

Projects In The Works

  1. Juxta – Experience amazing cars with the entrepreneurs who drive them
  2. LinkFuel
  3. Teletherapy Pro
  4. Executive Coach Philly
  5. Evergreen Content Library


  1. Agency Builder – An agency training program for scaling sales, a team, and your profits.
  2. Linkbuildr – A WordPress plugin that shares your content with the people who care the most, automatically.
  3. ADD Hero Master Collection – A collection of all the strategies I leverage to control my ADHD and stay productive.
  4. 2020, a Memoir – Fuck this shit.


  1. Technical SEO Philadelphia – Philly’s only technical SEO event.
  2. Philly Tech Entrepreneurs – Local networking group for Philly entrepreneurs in tech.


  1. Philly Views – Your User Guide to Philly.
  2. Fuck You Comcast – Xfinity Sucks!
  3. Misgovernment – Let Trump Spin Your Head Right Round.


  1. SEMRush – One of my all time favorite SEO Tools.

Blog posts I’m currently working on

  1. How to Build an Agency Growth Engine
  2. How to Develop Strategic Partnerships for Your Agency
  3. How to Build a Topic Model
  4. The Anatomy of a Keyword

Last updated April 22, 2021, from Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico