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This post was originally published as a paid product in 2015. At that time I sold this information as a PDF (selling over 3,500 copies) for $127 each — but now, as the information has gotten a bit outdated (but the process is still solid, I promise) I’m publishing it here, for free.

If you find any value at all in me making my paid products free – please let me know by either dropping a quick comment or giving this post a share. Thank you.


Everyone loves a good case study, especially in SEO. Unfortunately, most SEO “case studies” are filled with fluff and B.S., this one is different.


Your future is in your hands, create the life you want – and believe it or not, SEO might be the missing piece. This post will take you through what I believe it takes to use SEO to build the life you want.

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Matt Tutt

Thanks for sharing your review - interesting to read another SEO's insights when it comes to a reviewing an ecommerce site like this. I'd also add that they look like they went from having a mobile site at samash.com/m/ before changing to a subdomain (m.samash.com). 301's were setup but they go through a few redirects before a final JS redirect, but guessing that was due to limitations on their platform. One of those additional redirect loops is due to the SSL on mobile - and looks like on their site their mobile canonical should really reference the SSL version.

2018-04-10 17:54:59
Nick Eubanks

Thanks Matt. Yup, noticed to but didn't look to see if the rel=alternate was set to https :)

How Nick Eubanks is Failing at Error Pages - ThomasHarvey.me

[…] This was just having a bit of fun with someone on twitter, if you want to read the actual article (that may be live now) have a look here: https://nickeubanks.com/ecommerce-seo-fail-samash/ […]

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